Whiteboard Doodles: From Classroom to Business Meetings

Whiteboard doodles plays an important role in the areas of business meeting unlike just classroom tool. In this article we are going to explore the developments of whiteboard doodles and its usage in educational as well as corporate business as it helps communications.

Whiteboard doodles

The Origin of Whiteboard Doodles

The Whiteboard doodles used in modern form could be compared with the traditional chalkboard, wherein teachers used to chalk and black color board to trach the concept and ideas. Though, this method was effective, it had some drawbacks such as chalk dust, erasing the content on board which result in cloudy classroom.

The introduction of Whiteboard markers helped for smooth writing as well drawing and also were easy to clean. This was the prefered choice later. So, the transformation from chalkboards to whiteboard marker was the early stages of whiteboard doodles.

The Educational Power

Enhancing Visual Learning

One of the main advantage of whiteboard doodles in education is the ability to improve the visual learning. The research has found that visuals such as diagram and the illustrations can improve the comprehension. For example, a teacher in English class, could use doodles to demonstrate the complex grammer rules or vocabularies. So, the Students are likely to remember the words as it was taught visually.

Teachers’ Toolkit

Whiteboard doodles have become a crucial source for teachers or Educators. They can use it to teach complex topics in simple way, moreover, can make learning fun. For example, a teacher can use doodles to explain complex biological processes and historical events easily.

Whiteboard Doodles in Business

Communicating Complex Ideas

In modern days, Whiteboard doodles have come long way beyond the traditionals classroom and it has found a way into the Business Meetings. In the corporate world, business professionals have to present strategies, plans and complex ideas. It is plays an effective one to do this. During the business presentations, a chart or diagram made using doodles, gives much attention to their fellow professionals or customers

Team Collaboration

The whiteboard doodles are helping for the collaboration with team members during business meetings as it visualise the ideas and strategies during brainstorming period. This improves the creativity and also helps everyone to participate in the seesions.

The Art of Creating Engaging Doodles

Tools and Techniques

In order to create engaging whiteboard doodles, one must have a knowledge in tools and techniques. The primary tool is whiteboard, and techniques to learn are creating icons, usage of colors and strokes.

Storytelling with Doodles

The whiteboard doodles have the ability to convey the stories. The doodles are used for simplification and engagement. For example, in a business meeting, professionals use doodles to exhibit the journey of a project from inception to its completion.

Case Studies

To explain the impact of whiteboard doodles, we share a few examples which will emphasize the use of doodles greatly improved the communication as well as learning.

Doodles in the Digital Age

As the technology is evolving continuously, whiteboard doodles also being evolved into the Digital age. Because, Digital whiteboards are mostly used for creating doodles. These digital version of doodles provides merits such as storage and option to edit and animate doodles.

Measuring Impact

The efficiency of whiteboard doodles are measured in many ways. In eduction, teachers can measure knowledge retention among the students by comparing the traditional methods. In business, the companies can measure the impact of doodles using metrics viz, engagement, communication and overall productivity.


The Whiteboard doodles have come a long way of using in the classrooms into the corporate business world. These simple drawings have changed the way of learning and communication. It is an crucial tool for teachers and business professionals. since technology is continuously evolving, doodles are going to play an significant role in our day today life.


  1. Are whiteboard doodles suitable for all age groups?

    • yes. Whiteboard doodles are suitable for learners of all age group.
  2. Can I create digital whiteboard doodles?

    • Yes. Many software and apps like Benime allow you to create digital whiteboard doodles easily.
  3. Do I need to be an artist to make whiteboard doodles?

    • No, anyone can create whiteboard doodles.