Discover how to convert your academic grades from CGPA to Percentage with help of our user-friendly CGPA to Percentage Calculator tool. In this blog, we discuss the importance of this conversion in academic assessment.

Cgpa to Percentage Calculator

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CGPA to Percentage Calculator

Deciphering CGPA: A Comprehensive Overview

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is a important metric in calculating student’s academic prowess within a specific educational course and it shows student’s performance in various subjects studied during a academic year.

Unveiling the Calculation Process

Assigning Grade Points: Each grade secured by a student corresponds to a specific grade point value, usally it ranges from 0 to 4 or 0 to 10, depending on the grading scale implemented by the educational institution.

Aggregating Grade Scores: The CGPA calculation involves summing up the grade scores secured across all courses during a academic year and then dividing the total by the number of courses undertaken.

Understanding Conversion Factors: Converting CGPA to percentage involves multiplying the CGPA by a conversion factor, which varies based on the grading system adopted by the institution. Common conversion factors include 9.5 for a 10-point CGPA scale and 5 for a 4-point CGPA scale.

Simplified Conversion Process: To obtain the percentage equivalent of CGPA, divide the CGPA by the conversion factor and then the result will gives us the CGPA’s percentage.

Why Opt for CGPA to Percentage Conversion?

Global Recognition: While CGPA acts as a most common measure of academic achievement in many educational systems, the percentage remains a universally recognised metric, facilitating seamless comparison of academic performance across various institutions.

Enhanced Accessibility: Converting CGPA to percentage caters to the preferences of certain educational institutions that favour percentage-based reporting of academic accomplishments due to its simplicity and widespread acceptance.

Standardised Evaluation: The conversion process provides a standardised framework for assessing academic performance, assisting students in meeting minimum percentage criteria for admission to higher education institutions

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