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Understanding Salary Hike Calculations

The Salary hike is an important for our career growth and financial stability but, in order to understand and negotiating for a salary hike is a difficult task. In this blog post, you will learn the required knowledge and tools or calculators so that you can plan and negotiate your next Salary Hike.

With our Hike Calculator, You can Find Your New Salary After a Hike!

Types of Salary Hikes

  • Merit Increases: If you are performing well in your work and that would be acknowledged with exceptional performance and contributions.

  • Cost-of-Living Adjustments: Every year there is increase on things on cost of living. So salary increase is being announced for adapting inflation and for maintaining purchasing power.

  • Promotions: If you are recognized for doing excelling work in your responsibilities as well as skill sets which you obtained.

Salary Hike Calculator

Are you Curious to know what will be your new salary after a hike? Our user-friendly salary hike calculator computes the hike percentage as well as your updated new salary. Try it out now!"

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By New Salary

Hike Percentage:

Ever wondered how your salary will change after a raise? The answer lies in the hike percentage calculation method. Here’s a simple guide to help you to calculate your new salary after a hike in your salary.

how to calculate the percentage of hike in salary

In order to calculate the increase in percentage of your Salary is very easy process. The first step is to substract the old salary from your new salary, and then divide the result of first step by your old salary.

Now, you need to multiply it by 100 to find the increase in percentage. Here is example, If your old salary is Rs.4,00,000/- and new salary is Rs.4,50,000/-, now after substracting it the result will be Rs.50,000/-, then dividing this by old salary viz, Rs.4,00,000/- will give you 0.125. Then after muliplying this by 100, you will find out that your salary increase is 12.5%.

This increase in percentage of your salary will not only helps to find out salary point of view and also it help you to plan your expenses financially. This will make you to set your goals and take decisions accordingly.

Step 1: Convert the Hike Percentage to Decimals

Start by converting the hike percentage into decimal form. For example, if you have a 30% hike in salary, Here, 30% hike is 30/100 which is about 0.3

Step 2: Compute the Increment Amount

Multiply the decimal hike obtained in previous step by your current salary. This gives you the actual increment or hike amount you will receive.

Step 3: Discover Your New Net Salary

Add the calculated increment to your current salary. The result is your new net salary post the hike.

It’s that straightforward!

Unveiling the Math with A Real-time Example

Imagine your current salary is ₹20,000 and you are going to receive a 30% hike.

  1. Convert 30% to a decimal: 30% = 0.3
  2. Calculate the increment: ₹20,000 * 0.3 = ₹6,000
  3. Add the increment to your current salary: ₹20,000 + ₹6,000 = ₹26,000

Voilà! Your new net salary after the hike is ₹26,000.

Why 30% Matters

Let’s see why a 30% raise in your salary is such a big deal. The reason is that if get 30% more cash means, you can save more and also invest better.

Plan to Ask for More Money

Asking for a 30% raise in your salary matters a lot. Here’s a simple way to do it:

1. Be Polite

Start by being polite. Say Thanks to your boss for talking about your pay.

2. Show Your Good Work

Tell your boss about things that you’ve done that helped the company. Use examples to show how contributed.

3. Share the Facts

Talk about how much people in your job usually made that. This helps your boss to see if you’re underpaid.

4. Explain Your Worth

Say why you deserve the raise and how you make the company better.

5. Say Thanks

End your talk by saying thanks for listening. Tell them you’re excited to keep growing with the company.

Additional Tips

  • You need to be confident and professional in your approach.

  • You need to focus on your accomplishments and contributions, not just salary.

  • You need to be prepared to discuss your future goals and aspirations within the company.

  • You can also seek guidance from a mentor or career counselor if needed.

The Final Word

Getting 30% more money is a great goal. Just follow our simple guide, and you’ll be on your way to a get excess money in your pocket. Remember, spending on learning and skills now will pay you back later.

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