How to Create Engaging Whiteboard Animation Videos with Benime App:

In today’s mobile-dominated landscape, Whiteboard animation videos have gained more popularity to convey complex ideas and stories in a straightforward and captivating manner. Creating whiteboard animation videos has become more accessible than ever before, especially on Android devices. An outstanding Android application desinged for this purpose is the Benime Whiteboard Video Maker.

Benime App

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of creating amazing whiteboard animation videos using the innovative Benime App.

Step 1:

Download and Install Benime Whiteboard Video Maker

To start with, download and install the Benime App application from the Google Play Store. After the installation, launch the Benime app on your Android device.

Benime App

Visit How to Install Benime App to get help with detailed instructions.

Step: 2

Plan Your Video with Benime Whiteboard Video Maker

Before using our whiteboard animation creation, detailed planning is essential. Hence, Outline the content you wish to incorporate, including clear introduction, focused topic, and detailed conclusive solution.

Creating a storyboard or rough sketches of the visuals you intend to include will help you on this.

Benime App

Step 3:

Record Your Voice with Benime Whiteboard Video Maker

Having script and storyboard, You can utilize the Text to Speech feature available in the Benime App to convert text into audio for voiceovers.

Alternatively, record your own voice and you can seamlessly integrate it into our Benime app.

Benime whiteboard video maker

Step 4:

Create Video with Benime Whiteboard Video Maker

Utilize the potential of the Benime App to bring your whiteboard animation video to life.

Launch the app and create a new project and follow the straightforward instructions provided in How to Create Benime Whiteboard Animation Video.

Customize background colors, hand styles, and other settings to match with your desired result.

Benime whiteboard video maker

Our Benime App facilitates seamless synchronization of visuals with audio.

You can able to utilize text, images, and animations to enhance engagement and understanding.

Step 5:

Export and Share Your Video

After completing the editing of your whiteboard animation video using the Benime App, now you can export and share it with ease.

Our Benime app provides various export options suitable for many social platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, etc.

Benime App

You can Share your video across social media, websites, or blogs to enhance your video’s visibility and reach.


By following the steps provided, you can create engaging whiteboard animation videos that effectively convey your message using our Benime Whiteboard Video Maker which is available on your Android Play Store.

With our Benime Whiteboard Video Maker, your videos can stand out, captivating your audience’s attention effortlessly.

You can Discover how user-friendly and appealing it is to make whiteboard animation videos using our Benime App and no wait to experience the awesome video creation today.

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